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I Used To Be A Skeptic, Until Now

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I Used To Be A Skeptic, Until Now

Postby MyAdventure » Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:16 pm


Let me start off by saying how bad I wanted these to work when I first heard of them. I was in high school, and quite frankly, I was too scared to do anything. Although I knew that drugs and entheogens were something that I would enjoy for furthering consciousness and expanding artistic ability.

So when I first heard about i-Dosers, I was thrilled. Me and my buddies would get together and try them out in my room with no success. After awhile I started to think they were all just placebo crap.

[[[[5 Years Later]]]]

About a month ago I read an interesting article in reference to binaural beats (essentially i-Dosers). After reading the article I decided to give them another try. I had recently found a pair of decent headphones at a local store on clearance so I decided to give it a go.

(These are the headphones I use for many reasons)

Before I decided to sit down and do this, I needed to pick a dose. I was cocky so I decided to use the popular 'Peyote" dose.

I will also say it took me about 3 attempts to get anywhere worthwhile.

My third attempt changed it all though.

-------------The Dose--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Before I sat down with the dose on this particular night, I decided it would be better if I smoked and got into a more 'sedative and meditative state'. I laid in my bed with blankets covering my face except for my nose and mouth. My whole body was comfortable (Which I have found is EXTREMELY important). I made sure there was no light or interferences near by. That included me turning my cell phone off [bear with me, teenagers]. This is good because it shut off my concern for anything that was not happening as a result of the dose. I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and began the dose of 'Peyote'.

Almost instantly my mind began spinning. Whenever taking anything of the sort, my mind creates many images and sequences which I can vividly see while relaxing with my eyes closed.

At first my mind went dark. I mean dark as in horrific creatures and things that I have never seen before, but were terrifying. I saw many things that really got my heart rate up and changed my breathing. If you have never taken a dose before, relaxing and breathing properly are the key. You should breath very steadily.

Since my breathing was off I had to make a conscious effort to almost 'escape' scary images I was seeing. After only about a minute of concentrating I was able to change my mindset completely. In moments I was whisked away into a musical kingdom. Bards and gnomes were playing music together outside of taverns and in grassy hills. I found it interesting my mind was able to create this (and may I add, a lovely, original soundtrack to accompany my visions).

This is when the does got....weird :eek:

The music faded and now all I could focus on was the low-end frequencies of the dose. My mind was a twilight zone-esque portal filled with geometrical shapes and flash images of my own reality. I couldn't quite understand what was going on. Suddenly it went to my body. I was actually able to physically feel the dose.

The rumbling from my headphones shook my body like an empty pot. My legs were twitching at the knees uncontrollably. Then my entire head felt like it was engulfed in liquid. I could still breath normal, but my head felt wet. Weirdest of all, was that the sound from my headphones sounded as if I was underwater and it was happening above water. Im sure everyone has experienced that sensation while swimming or something like that in their life. I thought this was remarkable and kept asking myself "is this really happening?". I was so shocked that my body was able to do that so well, and so realistically.

I can't really describe what happened to me while my head was 'in the liquid'. It really is something beyond words.

However, after I felt my head emerge, my mind felt as if it was in a prism swinging from a pendulum. My whole body would feel like I was swaying on a carnival ride. The track began to fade while I was swinging in my pendulum. Everything suddenly became calm over me as I was able to almost overview my whole dose. As the track stopped, my prism did too, and my pendulum was at a standstill.

After I sat there for a few minutes just thinking it all over, I took my headphones off, sat up, and admired the beauty that is binaural beats.

-------------In Closing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After being skeptical for so many years, it was refreshing to actually have such a great experience. It appears to be all about the mindset. I have been using them lately, now all with results (just not every result was as good or realistic as the one above).

If anyone has any questions about how I overcame the mindset, or would like tips on how I get them to work, let me know. I would love other people to experience what I have.
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