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NZT Review!

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NZT Review!

Postby spradtastic » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:34 pm

I am finishing up my NZT dose right this second.I was expecting more stimulation.It does alter consciousness for sure.It makes you extremely clear headed and calm.Not a sleepy calm but it silences anxiety and helps you think cleary.Its also extremely steady, no ups and down just a very steady focus.I think it is a very good dose for studying or helping you feel level in all ways.This is my firs review and I will do more.I am new to binaurals and extremely excited to unlock my mind in different ways.I am approaching 30years old and I can tell you they really do work.I have used many drugs in my past and I occasionally use cannabis(my favorite stress relief) and adderall for adhd.I dont really want to list the drugs I've done but you can trust me when I say I am in touch with my body and I can easily tell how something is affecting me.Please dont be afraid to write me If you have a review request or questions.Id be happy to respond
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