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Marijuana QH review!

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Marijuana QH review!

Postby spradtastic » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:51 pm

This is my second written review.This dose is interesting.It seems to have 2-4 distinct phases.As a cannabis user of 10+ years I can tell you this is definitely not the same.It tries to duplicate the stages of a marijuana high which is really cool.Im impressed with their engineering skills but I would like a marijuana dose that puts you in that post smoking state of mind.Warm, blissful(feels like gods giving you a hug letting you know its all gonna be ok) and helps soothe any ailment especially nausea.I cant remember all the phases of this one but I do remember a build and some excitement-I guess thats the simulated build of excitement similar to a real marijuana high.Thee other phase i remember is towards the end it seems like a decompression almost like its calming you down which is also kind of like real marijuana.Unfortunately this dose doesn't give me that happy warm feeling or appetite stimulation that I love from the real deal.I know sound can only do so much but I don't actually enjoy this dose or any of the thc based doses.I love some of the other doses though.Ive even tried Budder too which I tried my best to get effect from and it doesnt seem any better than the marijuana doses.Any advice is welcomed as Im still learning about binaurals.
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