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Qaalude expiences

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Qaalude expiences

Postby Filipino_Prince » Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:25 pm

ok I have been trying to dose for some time now ever since I first heard of idoser in the early 2000 and never had success until now when I tried Qaalude this dose is the first I have ever had that worked on me ( though I will keep on trying others ) but when I tried this one my body relaxed, my breathing was calm and shallow like if you were asleep shallow and my body felt numb to a point where I barely notice my body yet my mind was aware I loved the exps of the file . I'm thinking maybe my mind needs strong or really strong ones to work on me but that just a theory on my end. I'm now wondering if this dose would work great with hypnosis since my body always seem to have trouble relaxing while I listen to some files I have ben trying out. if anybody have exps with hypnosis combined with idoser let me know and if anybody has other doses that works like this one did on me let me know
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