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Joker and the Thief and the Knight

Postby tritonenneptunus » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:36 pm

I've been interested in the opiate doses for some time now but never really had the chance to sit down with all of them. Well I did a review on heroin a few days ago so I figured hey, why not.


I've had a major face-ache due to periodontitis so I was hoping that between this and the Excedrin I took maybe I could get some relief. It really started out slow, I kinda just laid there counting my breaths and I kind of just let my mind go. A bit into the dose I was close to turning it off because at 10-15 minutes nothing was happening, then like a "smooth criminal" it set in right as the dose was about to end...probably about 5 minutes before and my entire body went numb, by numb I mean the fuzzy my whole body is asleep kind of numbness. It wasn't like heroin or some of the other doses I've experimented with, it was more pleasant and calming. Now it's been about an hour and when I allow myself to zone out I still feel the pleasant numbness buzzing in my body. Oh and my mouth is hurting less!

Pre-warning though: If you are looking for a huge high and rush of euphoria...this probably isn't the dose you want to go and do.

I decided to do a double dosing of Vico and OXY as well. I can't feel my face now.


Takes a while to get into the dose but finally I felt slight waves of euphoria. Nothing too special, like taking two regular 10/325s

I wouldn't really recommend this to get high, but it's a step up on the highness chart from Demerol.

I played OXY in quick succession, right after Vico and immediately felt my whole body go numb, my mouth got dry, I felt waves of pleasure and tingling through my extremities along with waves of euphoria. Now I'm sitting here about 10 minutes afterwards and I'm in cold sweats still and have a bit of rolling nausea. My feet and legs are still numb. :shock:

Honestly out of the three, I'd choose this to get you high because it's so intense. It hits you hard and makes you feel like jello. I will definitely be doing this dose again. I'm really excited over the results. Once again, i-Doser is amazing!
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