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tried Game Enhancer. it was AWESOME!

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2016 12:44 pm
by xakinincax
Its been about 4 weeks or something since I meet I doser. I was searching a way of Astral Projection and by chance I saw this program. I did wondered and opened some doses. I listened "Game Enhancer: Music" as first and before I listen it, you know I just suck at games Like Osu! , Guitar Hero and stuff. I wanted to play 3 diffrent beatmaps before dose and after dose. and the result is:
1)Blood Sugar (Hard)= Couldn't Get a Degree ;)
2)Undertale "Determination" (Normal)= B.
3)The Quick Brown Fox = Couldn't Get a Degree ;)


1)Blood Sugar (Hard)= B 8)
2)Undertale "Determination" (Normal)= SS 8)
3)The Quick Brown Fox = D.