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Odd but works

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Odd but works

Postby Necropolis » Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:17 pm

This almost reminds me of religious chants in a way they show to have the same effect, I have tried the 4 major one,s the premium on Spotify. odd marketing to have the 200 dollar songs free on it but whatever. the only one that ever gives the real effect I would say is a hand of god. it starts off with a feeling of falling and then being placed in a dark dark building. but by the end, you feel like you are ascending again. its hard to explain the feeling of it. the only odd part is by the end you hear a voice saying "hush naz dapocto hush naz ratito hush naz hiubishi dapacto" or some gibirsh in a deep almost demonic sounding voice and this followed by feeling numb and haveing a pulsing headache, I would rate this a 10 out of 10 for it but if you are just listening to it the first time you almost feel like you're being spoken to by God. now as for gates of hades, this one does not really do it for me. you see people who supposedly listened to it freak it acting like satan touched them but really it just starts off with a blurred out voice saying something incomprehensible followed by a piano track or those little metal piano toys at kindergarten with some birds and nature sounds that almost seem tranquil. the only issue is you don't feel peaceful inside you feel something is wrong. very wrong. and this song feels like it continues without end before just drifting off. almost as if not answering your lingering question. now as for genesis. I can't really give an opinion on it just is a mix of sounds. as for aftermath, it feels as if you are being hypnotized and gives a energized feeling until you hear a random error sound between 2 minutes in and again later on which can scare the living hell out of you. all and all these things can not really be explained it's like seeing a sunset and trying to tell someone the feeling you have to find out your self
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