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The Joy Plant and True Love

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The Joy Plant and True Love

Postby tritonenneptunus » Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:21 pm

Last night I bought the iDoser app on my phone because it comes with more doses than the computer one does. I immediately bought Poppies because I love the feeling of opiate simulations. I added it and First Love into my slipstream and got comfortable and played it. I've been using iDoser for 6+ years so by now I'm pretty comfortable with the fact that I'll have an amazing time.

Well anyways,
With Poppies it was more like I just went numb, I was just getting into the trance when it ended but I could definitely feel something happening in my body. When First Love started playing I started feeling this insane body high a few minutes in. I felt numb and warm but then joyful, I had butterflies in my stomach and towards the end I got euphoric which was really nice.

A tip for the users who use the phone app, listen to the music and not the beats because it works way better in my opinion.

I will definitely do that stream again here soon, it was very enjoyable.
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Level 0 (<10)
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