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NZT+Victory= Complete domination.

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NZT+Victory= Complete domination.

Postby CrownMerciful » Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:28 pm

It all started when I got into the car and was getting drove to my tennis match. Now I'm already pretty good at tennis but my opponent was for sure gonna be a hard trooper. This was a very important match for me and not my hardest but definitely in the top three but the dose is why it was so easy. I usually just listen to dubstep before a match to get into animalistic mindset and know that I will destroy. I've yet to lose a match but I was worried about this one, this guy is a beast. I stumbled upon the idoser app on my phone and I had not never used it. So I saw victory and had remembered limitless nzt. So I bought them and I listened to nzt twice and yes I was awake. I've studied binaurals and used them for years and you don't need to lay down or anything like that unless it's for spiritual stuff and highs. Idk who came up with that. Anyways , I just didn't use idoser cause I had my own personal maker. So, I I listened to nzt- twice than victory and right when victory finished we pulled up. Omg, I was in a zone like never before. I felt the earth shaking and my head was so clear and concentrated. I was looking at my coach telling her I am about to destroy this guy. I was screaming and throwing my body just pumped. They had to sit me down. I got on the court. Man, I served the ball and he returned, I ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED from that point on. Every time I hit it my whole body vibrated and the power that I put was crazy. The earth would shake when I hit the ball. Of all sets he only got three points all together and no set wins. I was doing stuff I never did and I was on the court being a huge beast and alpha. This combo for sports is simply perfect. I was untamed. You can't even understand. I.knew I was gonna crush him after taking this stuff and I did. I will using for my boxing match too! My head was so focused I heard and seen nothing but the ball. It cant be explained it was like a video game i was not in reality. Simply beautiful. I had to create a account just to say this.
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Level 0 (<10)
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Re: NZT+Victory= Complete domination.

Postby emmacordobez » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:50 pm

Nice experience! I would like to use that combination for a soccer match
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