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Oxymorphone MP3 review

PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:40 am
by michel333alfa
It was late at night(2 am) and i couldnt sleep because i had a coffee an 11pm, so i decided to dose smth. I chose oxymorphone on spotify cuz it sounded really nice and i thought i could fall asleep to that. I laid on my bed(in complete darkness), got under my blanket and tried to sleep. (I suspect myself to have adhd and so i didnt concentrate on the dose, i just was thinking about things) In the middle of the dose, as usual, i got unexpectedly distracted on the dose(and usually when i do this, i get effects). I had a VERY STRONG(the strongest ive ever had) feeling in my body. I wasnt happy, I wasnt sedatated, and that feeling felt neutral and its strength and unexpectedness freaked me out. It was A NEW feeling to me, a very little bit like being a lava lamp. I fastly took my headset off.
9/10. Would do that again :-D
UPD: And yeah, I noticed that i started thinking weird and sometimes I got like "flashbacks", that were related to things I though and were very unexpected. They were spontaneous and visible.