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Kratom serenity

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Kratom serenity

Postby eric52 » Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:34 pm

In preparation for upcoming months of cancer treatment, I've been exploring a variety of legal herbs and chemicals that might help me through the ordeal. I started this morning with 5 g of kratom in chocolate milk. Very energizing. After plowing through several procrastinated project chores, I became a bit edgy reminiscent of amphetamine effects I remember from the 60's. Yeah, I'm that old, and they were legal back then. I-doser to the rescue. 30 mins. of Serenity provided amazing balance and a greatly improved experience. The dose is heavy on white noise, and the beats bring you to a calm plateau. Then the tone alters several times to minor notes. (I know that's not musically sensible, but that's how it seemed.) There were distinct endocrine effects, which kratom does not produce. Variations in tone and binaural frequency rhythm kept pushing me ... not down, or up ... something like sideways, I guess. I was incredibly relaxed and excited in a calm, passive way. It's been over an hour now, and the speediness has not returned. Very effective dose and a good combination.
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Level 2 (20-29)
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