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PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2020 8:39 pm
by Joao Victor
I have a theory that can explain why some people work or not. I realized from my own experiences that depending on the mood, people may have difficulties with the dose, not generating the desired effect or not producing any effect.
Once I tried to use a dose, and unfortunately because I was going through difficult times, I just thought about it while testing, and I didn't get the desired effect, even using the reset and the condition.
But the second time, when I was better, I managed to have the desired effect. so I believe it has to do with the person's state of mind, when the problem is not an external factor.
This is just an example of a situation, but I believe it is proof that some mental states can impair the dose effect.
People should stop complaining that it doesn't work, I-doser are binaural waves, they act on the mind, and depend on a mind in a good state for the effects to arise.
It is the same example of a person who is not well and tries to use a drug to get well and ends up having the opposite effect, a terrible effect.
Mental states are important