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New and Skeptic

Postby ZeroBoyWD » Tue Aug 14, 2007 1:23 am

All right soooo lemme start by saying this is a real cool concept and I dig it, I really do.
But let me also state that I am a drug addict. Now this thing claims that I can actually achieve visual hallucinations from listening to a frequency. To me it seems ludicris that I can actually get anywhere near the same effects as eating an 8th of shrooms or 2 hits of acid. Even if the durations gonna be shorter I dont see myself getting that from sounds. So my first question would be:

Has anyone actually achieved anything visual from this program?

I'm also a little skeptical as this site was designed and kept up with by a college kid who says he has a lab for this. Granted lab could be a figure of speech for a few of his buddies trying a dose out but still, it raises questions. I mean when you look at it simply, he slapped an easy to use interface on a program someone else made, and dropped presets down charging an average of 5 bucks a pop, except Hand Of God, mother of god 200 bucks. To me it all seems... sketchy. Like someone needed to stay in beer money.

I first stumbled on this concept years ago when my friend gave me this CD that was supposed to help you astral project. Induced a feeling of vertigo. Thats essentially what the sample doses do for me and I'm anxious of actually buying a dose if its going to be more of the same. So if someone could clue me in as to if I'm doing something wrong?
My headphones are JVC stero ear buds with a 5-24,000 hz fz range
I'm shutting the lights out, closing my eyes and kicking back.

I was kinda hoping for something a little more... prolithic I suppose.

Any tips? Suggestions?
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