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Doses. Work depending on mood?

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Doses. Work depending on mood?

Postby Digi » Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:57 am

Okay so last night i did the same 4 doses as i did the other night

Lucid Dream

So, i got through reset, though when i went to listen to these doses i wasnt exactly calm, and i was wired on caffeine. So that was done i changed my mp3 to multipleO, the effects didnt kick in till about halfway through, even then they weren't as good as the other night. So i watched tv for a bit (Criss Angel FTW!) and after that i did reset again trying to focus, and count backwards from 99 but to my suprise i fell asleep. So i awoke 10 mins after the dose was 'supposed' to finish. Then next i tried lucid dream hoping i would stay awake and i did but im not so sure i got the effects from it, being as i couldnt stay still. That dose did make me even more sluggish though.

So i think effects can change depending on your mood, and how tired you are and crap like that, IMO you need to be able to focus on the dose, and count backwards from 100 or some other number and try breathing slow , while focusing on the dose, if you can do all that at once, i find it 'Frees your mind' so you can concentrate without thinking to heavily.

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Level 4 (50-199)
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