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Marijuana Review

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Marijuana Review

Postby demo183 » Sun Sep 02, 2007 9:56 pm

This is my first attempt with the Marijuana Dose. First thing I must say, is this is my first attempt at it, but as a frequent ganja smoker myself I must say I'm quite disapointed. But keep in mind this was my first attempt at this dose. So during the dose it was quite peaceful and meditative feeling. Felt very warm (tho i was under a comforter), some numbness but not much. Usually when im high i loose ALOT of feeling in my arms and my reaction time is slowed somewhat. But as I sit here typing this i dont feel very different. Im listening to Come Around by Collie Buddz (good song, youtube it lol) and music sounds good right now, although after probably every dose music sounds good because of all that staticy wierd noise. Anyways overall id give the Marijuana dose on my first attempt a 5/10, could've been ALOT better, dont even feel high lol. Tho this was a first attempt at this dose, ill keep trying :) Can some people tell me bout there Marijuana Dose experiences.

EDIT: I also did a reset right before I tried the Marijuana Dose.

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Level 1 (10-19)
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