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My second experience – LSD dose!

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My second experience – LSD dose!

Postby G5-F0X » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:36 pm

Hi there again… I finally got an effect on one of the hallucinatory doses, Well that’s what I think.

I tried LSD dose today… and well I don’t know what I felt… it was weird indeed.
First I was felt like numb and heavy, I did not hallucinated, well not the way I think it should be. I did saw colors moving but I don’t think they were because of the dose, I kinda think they were remaining images on my eyes.
Anyway later on I started having some weird involuntary movements but nothing big it was like shaking and moving some fingers and hand but nothing really big, it was weird.
I had some weird kinda of dream thing later. It was like a memory or remember thingy that I cant remember was like if I were talking with someone I think It was because I started getting distracted from the dose and felt to sleep, but it was to fast to be sleeping.
At the end all was black; I couldn’t see anything at all I felt light like if I were floating.
A freaking coldness covered all over my body. And it finished.
Well I was bored like hell, so I stepped out of the bed fast so I won’t felt to sleep. I wanted something better and quite more mind disturbing if that’s all I got I quite fell a little disappointed.

Anyway does any of you felt something similar with the LSD dose? Or even something better?
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