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Sloth's Adrenochrome Experience

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Sloth's Adrenochrome Experience

Postby Sloth » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:08 pm

Not long after watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I found out that I-Doser has an Adrenochrome dose. I figured why not try it? So I purchased it and transfered it through I-Doser to an MP3 and put it on my iPod (3rd Gen Touch). I plugged in my headphones (Sony Bass Booster Noise Cancellers) and made sure my room was dark, and no interruptions would occur

So, I laid down, got comfortable, and put the headphones on. And soon, the low, mono-toned beat played. At about 10 minutes I started to not feel my arms or feet, as my left arm kind of just fell on the side of my bed. At fifteen, my right leg seemed to stretch as far out as possible, and then some (also happened when I used Peyote, but with both legs and more severe). My feet also got very cold at this time. When the tone became higher pitched, I noticed more vivid color patterns when I focused on sight. When the colors stopped, a deep black shadow came across me, somewhat resembling a head, like someone looknig down at me. All around me it sounded like people were walking in my room (which can't happen, I was home alone)

When the static started the feet stopped but it sounded as if people were talking to me, but muffled. Its almost as if their lips were sewn shut (or the photo, maybe that was just my overactive mind). When the static stopped, the beat slowly subsided

I sat up and turned off I-Doser. I was feeling hungry, when the disorientation kicked in. I stumbled to my kitchen, and began looking to make Mac n Cheese, but I was looking where we kept our pans :\

Adrenochrome is pretty freaky, and I would recommend it if you are looknig for a decent dose to scare you or someone else, and dont wanna try Inhalent or pay $200 for Gates of Hades
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Level 4 (50-199)
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