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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:38 pm
by granted
I just tried this for the first time last night after a long day of procrastinating (per usual) and am still amazed by the results. I handed in a paper that was due last week and had unbelievable focus.
Basically, I listened to it for fifteen minutes in the library with my head down and became easily immersed in the sounds and didn't want to open my eyes until it was done. After it finished, I opened my eyes and realized a difference immediately. I was so intensely focused on my work and had no desire to procrastinate in any of my usual ways -- all I wanted to do was read or write. Nothing could break my focus... I didn't even want to read and respond to a text message because I knew it would stop me from getting my work done. My focus, concentration, and alertness lasted for hours and allowed to work hard. I also felt as if it was easier.
I woke up this morning and did it again to finish some other work I had to do and it had similar effects. I did it at 8am and it is now 3:30pm and I am still feeling more focused and less inclined to procrastinate, even though it is definitely wearing off a little and not as powerful as it was initially or for the beginning, it still is there. i had a class at 11 and was so focused on the documentary we watched and took many more notes than I usually would. I also felt like it was easier to be a part of the discussion.
I would recommend this to anyone. I went into it desperate and optimistic and it went well.