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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:00 pm
by Lusfik
So this is the first Dose I did off my computer as a .DRG. As I was listening to it I was on the forums looking at other people's experiences. About 15 minutes in my body became tired, my eyes started to get heavy, and I just didn't want to move or read anymore. I still tried to read though. About 20-25 minutes, my arms, hands, and fingers became to heavy to scroll and I stopped just staring at the screen. I tried to move my hand, I ended up clenching it and it tickled/tingles. Then I rubbed my arm and that tickled. For the last 5 minutes, when I looked at a different spot of the screen it seemed to move towards me, closer and closer. Now that it is over, I feel a little groggy, I don't have any extra energy or anything else other people have experienced.

Could I classify this as my first real experience or not?