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Minoru's Dose Journal

Postby Minoru » Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:07 am

Hello I-dosers! I'm here to make a sort of catalog of all my experiences and reactions to all the different doses I can get my hands on. I'll post a new dose at least once every other day.

For this catalog, I will follow these guidelines for all doses:
1. Testing room will only be lit by my computer screen (lowest brightness)
2. I will wear a heavy black cloth over my eyes
3. Doses will be given AFTER I use the Condition dose
4. If I take two doses within the same day, I'll use Reset before Conditioning for the next

Upcoming Doses:
1. Black Sunshine
2. LSD
3. Aftermath
4. Heroin
5. Absinthe


White Crosses
White Crosses / Recreational (VERY STRONG) / 30 Minutes / White Crosses is a strange one. When the team that invented this dose showed it at our monthy dose meeting, it was greeted with a bunch of confused faces. Describe it, we said. OK. White Crosses is a simple stimulant that brings a sense of euphoria, openness, and intellectual expansion. There can be a mild psychedelic component as the new user feels they see the world a little differently. The sensation of mind-expansion and openness quickly fade after the first few uses and physical and mental stimulation dominate the experiential effects. It is a hybrid designer dose for experienced users. Fine. When we put on the headphones, and White Crosses finished, we couldn't believe it. This underground bastard-dose that has been talked about in the halls of I-Doser Labs turned out to blow the minds of everyone who tried it. THAT says a lot for White Crosses.

My Experience
The start of this dose didn't seem very special to me. But around (what I guess was) seven minutes in, I started feeling it have an effect on me. The world was swirling, but in a good way. I could sometimes see light flashes through my eyelids, and they would linger for a while, then dissipate. This couldn't be an outside cause, almost no light could penetrate my blindfold and eyelids. I would get a warm sensations in different parts of my body completely randomly, but it was pleasant. Near the end I started hearing voices and sounds I knew weren't there. It wasn't scary, but rather intriguing at the time. Throughout the whole dose I was slightly euphoric, very relaxed, and greatly satisfied.
My Rating: 8/10
Level 1 (10-19)
Level 1 (10-19)
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