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First Experience after a long time

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First Experience after a long time

Postby Edock » Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:06 pm

Hello everyone!

I have been doing I doser for probably about 5 months now and just made this account. Don't worry,this isnt going to be a "Help me" forum. However it is going to hopefully encourage people to not give up.

So like I said I have been doing doses for about 5 months probably every other day. However I was NEVER able to even get one to work! I tried different headsets around the house, I read probably every single tip on the forums (by the way, if you need help...use the search like I did, there are plenty of help me forums). I kept dosing on Nitrious, Alcohol, and Opium. And never got a single effect from them. I didnt give up and kept hoping my breakthrough to be near.

I was looking at the website and decided to buy the $25 idoser approved headset, it came in the mail, and I had high expectations. I poped that baby in and started the Nitrious dose. About 5 minutes in I started feeling light...and then when the final sound changed. It finally hit me!

Finally a dose that worked! I tried it again tonight to make sure it wasn't just a once in a lifetime thing. And it worked tonight too! Basically what im saying is that my problem the entire time was the headset. For all the new people...buy the same headset I bought. (JVC HA-RX500) Its pretty cheap and it works great!

Sorry this is lengthy but I am very excited that it worked! Take care everyone
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