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iDoser for Android MAJOR Update

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iDoser for Android MAJOR Update

Postby idoser » Wed Jan 26, 2022 6:41 am

This is THE update you have been waiting for if you have iDoser for Android Mobile or Tablets. If you don't, now is the perfect time to get the world's most popular brain dosing at at http://iDoserMobille.com


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: http://iDoserMobile.com


Improved Buying and Download Experiences
Declare App Access Requirement
Declare Data Safety Requirement
Declare Target Audience Requirement
HTTPS Secure Cloud Downloads
Update Google Billing Library
Improved Onboarding Tutorials
Agreement and Overview Tutorial
Improved Dosing Method Tutorials
Improved Tuning Tutorials
Improved Hyperskin Tutorial
13 New Professional Video Tutorials
Adaptive App Icon
Headphones Test and Merch Shop
New Splash Screen API
Two Additional Skins (Light, Dark, Flat, Skeu)
Removed Low Resolution Visualization
Added 15 New Reactive Moodscape Visualizations
Complete User Interface Overhaul
Add Free Doses Filter Tab
Over 60 New Doses
Several Free Doses
Now Over 150 Total Doses
Access to iDoser Radio
Access to Binaural Blog

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: http://iDoserMobile.com
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