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Postby idoser » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:23 am

Hello Dosers,

I am writing to ask for a call to arms: I-Doser has a unique and niche business model. With over 10 years in binaural sequence development we have the most powerful simulations available anywhere! In this amazing decade of development we have relied VERY little on paid advertising. Word of mouth has sustained us, and this is huge competitive advantage because it allows us to put that marketing money into the development of our sequences, some of which take years to develop, QA, test, and release. As you can imagine, marketing is a massive expense.

So, I call to you, our amazing fans: tell your friends. For every person you get to buy a dose, that is money that goes into the development of industry-leading products. For everyone you convince to replace their low-quality and probably fake torrent doses with REAL purchases from us, it's more development dollars we can fold into the business.

It's easy, just use our elevator pitch on your facebook, twitter, and verbally: "I-Doser.com sells binaural doses for any imaginable mood." Tell them your powerful experiences and send them to our URL: http://www.i-doser.com

We thank you in advance,
The I-Doser Team
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