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Audio Store Update

Postby idoser » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:46 pm

Today I-Doser took the next step in dose sales evolution with the launch of https://www.IDoserAudio.com This new storefront combines audio CD/MP3 PACK Dose sales into one beautifully designed site, SSL Secured, new high resolution pack images and so much more. You'll also notice all our awesome forum banner ads now point to this shop.

This is the companion shop to http://www.IDoserSoftware.com which handles all our PC/MAC Software and Dose Sales (two separate stores).

So now when you communicate I-Doser Products its as easy as "are you looking for MP3 Packs/CDs with ambient music and binaurals (OR) are you looking for more advanced and longer pure binaural sequences?"

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