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Updated Forum, a Manifesto

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Updated Forum, a Manifesto

Postby idoser » Fri May 01, 2015 2:55 pm

It is hard to believe, that for over a decade now, I-Doser.com had been producing some of the most innovative products in the binaural industry. Our mobile app is the best rated and most-downloaded binaural app on BOTH the android and ios app stores. Our software is the #1 science program on CNET (beating out Google Earth!), and our digital audio is the most-downloaded mp3-based content in the meditation/binaural category!

While posts here in the forum ebb and flow, let me remind you that internet usage has swayed to more social platforms like facebook and twitter, and forums (statistically) had taken a backseat as masses shift to new sharing platforms. This doesn't mean that I-Doser is idle. We just released new and exciting versions of BOTH our mobile apps and we have one of the biggest releases in company history dropping soon- incredible new doses AND digital audio MP3 Packs... so get ready!

That said, let me say this: we do believe strongly in the openness of a forum as a means to communicate. Granted, you are all "liking" and "tweeting" elsewhere, but come drop into one of the most amazing binaural communities ever created. If our dose-masters are quiet, you have years of great archived content at your fingertips. With that, we have put some resources into giving our forum a beautiful new look, completely overhauled it so it looks and acts great on mobile devices, and have added a new layout with more content.

What can you do? Introduce your friends to the awesome world of simulated experiences - and invite them here to say hi. We will be waiting.
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