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Postby idoser » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:00 pm

These are the rules of this forum. If you disregard any of these rules while posting, you WILL be banned. We support intelligent communication between our community members, and we will do everything we can to make sure our forum stays a comfortable place for people to visit.

  1. DO NOT discuss pirating and illegal sharing of I-Doser doses (.drg), MP3 files, CDs, or software. This includes posting your email or IM for trade, requests, illegally obtained files, file sharing networks, etc. I-Doser.com is the ONLY authorized place to purchase I-Doser brand products.
  2. DO NOT discuss the conversion of I-Doser dose (.drg) files to MP3s, the conversion of our CDs to MP3 format, or conversion of our products in general. I-Doser uses advanced methods to create our formats, and we offer digital files for use with the I-Doser Player Application, MP3s, and CDs. We do not support manual conversion of our files, and most of them are ineffective or dangerous.
  3. DO NOT discuss binaural software, the creation of binaural sequences, or other methods outside of products offered by I-Doser. The creation of binaural sequences is a complicated process, and you are working with altering you brain. This includes sbagen, bwgen, etc. If you want to discuss other services, go to their forums.
  4. DO NOT attempt to reverse engineer an I-Doser brand dose and post the results, sequencing, hrz levels, or anything else contained in the encrypted dose, or attempt to guess and post our sequences. We spend years reasearching and testing, and our programs are top in the business. There are many things in a dose from carrier tone, to duration and levels, amp, etc. that could be very dangerous if altered and distributed.
  5. DO NOT badmouth the I-Doser brand. We do support intelligent criticism, but not blatant knocks and slander at our products and services.
  6. DO NOT war! If you can not communicate intelligently with other members of our forum, you will be banned. This includes bad language, attacks on other members, or continued message wars between members. We always support intelligent debate, but there is a limit.
  7. DO NOT raise your posting limits with fluff posts. Forums aren’t about numbers. We support quality over quantity. Don’t just post anything to raise your posting limit – it is immature.
  8. DO NOT post ads, links, etc. to other sites outside of I-Doser unless it is directly relation to the services and fits within the tone of conversation. Blatant advertising will not be tolerated. Do not promote YouTube, Facebook, twitter or other personal social accounts.
  9. DO NOT post or request email address, private chat names, Skype IDs, game console IDs, or any other private information from users. This is a forum that gets spidered. We don't need your or anyone elses information posted on a public forum.
  10. DO check other threads. If you have had an idea chances are someone else has too. Take a quick look using the search function and see if there isn't another thread you can add onto.
  11. DO Research. Make sure the information you are providing is correct so that we can reduce confusion. Especially when you confuse and mix facts with something else similar.
  12. DO Be Respectful of Ideas. You may not like an idea but that's no reason to bash on it. If you don't like the idea offer valid information as to why you don't like the idea.
  13. DO Be Respectful of People. There is no way you can understand a person without getting to know them. They may have said something incredibly off the wall but try to hear them out.

These rules are subject to change.
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