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Postby idoser » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:50 pm

We have implemented new forum rankings for the I-Doser Community Forum. This ranking system is designed to award users in the community who have gone above and beyond casual posting. You will see your current rank and indicator to the right of any post you make, under your user name.

Ranks are as follows:

Level 0: Less than 10 posts
Level 1: 10-19 posts
Level 2: 20-29 posts
Level 3: 30-49 posts
Level 4: 50-199 posts
VIP GOLD: 200-499 posts
VIP PLATINUM: More than 500 posts

VIP GOLD and VIP PLATINUM member gets access into a secret and hidden VIP forum based on rank - one for GOLD members, and one for PLATINUM members. PLATINUM members get access to both the GOLD and PLATINUM VIP forums.

We may post free offers, doses, and VIP information to these hidden forums for your VIP members, so it's worth working on your rank.

The I-Doser forum is heavily moderated. Anyone seen abusing the system by posting worthless content just to raise rank will be banned. Post count is based on QUALITY posts.
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