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Answers Round 18

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Answers Round 18

Postby idoser » Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:10 pm

Q: I was wondering if an I-Doser could be made for manifesting wealth, health, good luck, wisdom, etc.?

A: What you describe is a miracle, or magic, which I-Doser is not. I-Doser can help tune your brainwaves and better simulate a mood more apt to aid you in success, therefore potentially creating wealth in a sort of domino effect - but nothing can "manifest" wealth out of nowhere. Certainly not brainwave technology.

Q. I need help with making it to where i can use my just-bought doses. They are .MP3 and not .drg so they won't show up on idoser. How do i make it to where they will? Thanks!

A. MP3 doses will not show up in the I-Doser software player for Mac and PC. They are completely different, on the go doses with music soundscapes. The software doses are much longer, for at home dosing and are much more a pro product. Please see http://www.i-doser.com/digitalaudio.html and http://www.i-doser.com/software.html to better understand different dose types.

Q. Can I use Condition dose like I do other doses?

A. Condition dose is to be used prior to other doses to set your brain at optimal hrz levels for accepting your next dose. In contrast, the Reset dose will reset the effects of of a dose.

Q. I was wondering if the headphones from Razer work?

A. This has been covered many times. We don't have to manpower or time to approve individual brand headphones. Go with a good, over-ear, mid to high range quality set and it should be fine.

Q. I need to know how to abort an I-Doser high.

A. Give it time, or use Reset dose.

Q. I'm currently receiving electroconvulsive therapy for severe depression. Will I-Doser still work?

A. We are not aware of this therapy nor are we licensed doctors. Talk to your healthcare professional about what you should and shouldn't be doing while undergoing therapy.

Q. So I was wondering what should be the appropriate room temperature when Idosing? As well as, should you be under a blanket when you Idose or should you not cover yourself?

A. You should be at whatever temperature YOU find most comfortable. This varies greatly by individual. Too hot or too cold and you could be distracted from the dose. Aim for your own personal "just right" temperature. Blanket is fine, but not required.

Q. In the next version of the PC & Mac software, could we have the option of exporting to WAV format?

A. Sorry, but no. Dose files would be several gig in size if we did this, and our software mp3 exporter is our own algorithm for creating optimal brainwave doses at a somewhat small file size. We put years of research into our export algorithm, so it won't be changing anytime soon. These have been refined to be at the correct stereo reproduction and bit rate for binaurals to work best. We also don't recommend converting our mp3s or processing them in any way whatsoever.

Q. How do I use Visualizations? Will the effect of the dose be ruined if I blink for more than a few seconds? Am I supposed to spend 30 minutes with my eyes wide open, listening to a dose?

A. Visualizations are just there for you to have something to look at, and our expert patterns have been shown to aid in dose administration. How do you use them? You look at them. No, doses will not be ruined if you blink, and you can keep eyes or open or closed for the duration of the dose.

Q. How often do new doses come out?

A. We take as long as it takes for us to make high quality products. We don't work by timelines and some doses have taken years to refine and release. This is why 83% of our users have achieved a result, and other binaural products on the market are generally garbage.

Q. Do you guys had an indicator of cross-dose compatibility. Some way for us to know better how to build multiple dose sessions?

A. We do not, and that is a big part of the DIY Maker side of binaurals: experimentation and finding out what personally works for you. Nothing to stop your all from posting your good slipstream combinations in the forums for all to read.
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