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Postby idoser » Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:08 am

Q: I heard from multiple sources that a-bomb and HoG have nearly identical source code except for the pink noise values. I just want you to clear this up because I wanna buy HoG but I'll save the $200 if it's the same as A-bomb.

A: There are many fake doses available online by people trying to get complete torrents. They are user-made and claim to be from I-Doser. There is a very good chance you have seen a fake. Also, there are MANY factors that go into dose creation, and carrier tone level can effect the results of a dose.

Q: would background music affect the idoser file playing??? It would be something to help focus on.

A: I-Doser offers MP3 and CD packs that contain ambient music. We can not recommend other methods of mixing doses with music. We are very strict about quality control.

Q: Why in the world is it that I am only seeing things in a blue shade and red shade? And I am getting some closed eye visuals. But nothing more.
I have been dosing peyote since I bought recreational simulations on I-tunes a month ago.

A: Effects will vary. Closed eye visuals are common with the peyote dose.

Q: what do you guys think is the best dose for a new, unexperienced user?

A. Try the free doses included with the I-Doser Application, forum registration, and store registration. They are there so you can try the I-Doser experience at no cost. As for pay-doses, peyote is a very popular choice.

Q: Will there ever be set up a live chat channel? So that we dont have to refresh the page every 10 seconds?

A: We have no plans to set up a chat channel.
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