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Answers Round 2

Postby idoser » Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:04 pm

For this round of answer we take a look at a very detailed and intelligent posting and my answers in bold.

Dear admin,

I have heard of a case in which a subject that used the I-Doser Ritalin Dose experienced very accurate effects compared to the real Ritalin drug. This is ofcourse very good news as it was not used for recreational purposes but to really help the subject feel uplifted, content and perhaps even happy. But more strikingly the headache the subject had been experiencing subsided tremendously. Also the side effects of not being able to walk up the stairs or get out of bed or be coherent that is reported with the tangible drug is not present in the I-Doser Dose.

We do not offer a Ritalin dose, so I assume you are speaking about a different dose.

The subject is known to stress alot and get angry and this puts alot of strain on his mind and heart. The Ritalin Dose seems to have reduced this exponentially, the subject still gets angry at times but the resulting stress does not strain the subjects head or heart although some pain is experienced in the lower back of the head close to the neck most likely from some muscles that are effected by his anger.

We offer many doses that can aid in stress and anger relief. Please see http://www.i-doser.com/store

This Dose was only used once meaning the Dose was literally only played one single time through a Sony MDR-RF820R wireless headphones with the volume set to a comfortable and relatively low setting.

Take note, high quality headphones in a relaxed environment at a comfortable level. People obsess about administration method, but this is exactly right.

It was reported that the effect was not only successful but also long term, and since the medical/phsychological effect are still there it seems to be a permanent effect (unless I imagine some real life trauma changes the brain neurochemistry somehow). I have to tell you though that the subject was told to simply relax and to listen without putting too much attention to anything, the subject then entered a mild hypnotic state during the administering of the Dose and not by any prehypnotic suggestion. It is my personal belief that this might have aided in the outstanding effect this Dose had on the subject.

Mild hypnotic states are normal during dose administration.

My question to you is, even though I see alot of recreational emphasis being put on some Doses on the forum is there anything you can tell me about the long term, permanent effects of some Doses and their potential use in psychology and neurology? Can any specific Dose be tailored to be permanent or long term or does this depend on the purpose of the specific application a Dose is intended for?

We always love to hear about the great success people have with I-Doser. This is a detailed account of someone who has had extreme positive effects from and I-Doser dose. While this is not common, it is also not unheard of. A dose is not designed to be long term or permanent, but in rare cases there have been long term posititve effects from dose use. We get many emails like this from people having great success with out products.

And Finally is there any ambition to work on Doses that may assist in the healing of diseases such as Cancer and other such ailments? Does I-Doser have future plans to focus more on all the potential good in may do in helping patients and giving a new life and purpose to the drug industry?

We are always pushing the envelope of what binaural brainwave doses can do. While we don't believe that I-Doser can cure cancer or other such ailments, we do believe that I-Doser can greatly improve quality fo life. I-Doser is the industry leader in binaural brainwave technology, and our success as a company is proof. We will continue to move forward with our advanced development methods, and our sales and experience reports prove that we have the largest satisfied customer base in our vertical.

I realize some of these questions may carry very broad political and industrial implications however I would like to stress the importance of such work in these fields in light of the very valid and truthful report I've mentioned I'm sure you should be able to recreate such effects yourself in a controlled environment.

Our doses go through an extensive testing and QA process that can last years. We do, and have, recreated effects in a controlled environment. Due to the nature of the science, we don't make guarentees. Our customers do that for us in the hundreds of experience reports that get posted to I-Doser.com

I have also seen there are other Doses out called Anti-migraine, Anti-Sad, Calm me so it seems to be that I-Doser is indeed considering the medical side of the I-Doser software and the binaural Doses tailored for it. Is I-Doser simply attempting to supply people with an alternative to any medical/recreational drug or is the aim to surpass those even and is the goal also to bring healing to people that require it. When it comes down to it what I'm really asking is, is the aim purely commercial or also ideological.

We will never claim to be a replacement to any medical/recreational drug. While we have received reports of I-Doser being used to replace a medical drug, and many reports of addicts using I-Doser to quit a habit, we can not morally make those recommendations. Always consult a medical professional when making life changes related to health. Your body is your number one asset. It comes down to I-Doser being both commerical and ideological. We are running a very successful business with tens of thousands of satisfied customers, but we also have a mantra, and an ideal - to offer simulated experiences at a cost-effective price point, and to improve the quliaty of life for those who choose to open their minds.

Thank you in advance for reading through all of this, I hope you will be able to find some time to respond to these questions even if they may seem presumptuous to some degree.

Thank you for taking the time to ask thoughtful and intelligent questions.
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