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Rastafari Reasoning

Postby StealthTheUnknown » Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:16 pm

I recently was invited by some of my friends to take part in a Reasoning. Knowing that it would be an enlightening experience, I said heck with it, I'll go. So I went. I soon found the tradition to the group was that the newest member or guest was allowed to light the Ganja. I, to no surprise, was the guest. I was asked to say a short sentence to the good will of the world. I said a short sentence for the Reasoning, and I lit the joint. The Reasoning lasted a while, but it seemed as though it lasted an eternity (and I wish it would have). I never expected to experience such a warming welcome from people I hardly knew. We discussed things that were important to us, and thought of ways to better the world with creativity, love, peace, and friendship. The Marijuana was merely to put the anxious mind at ease, but it also freed the mind as well. It was not the "High" that was the only thing that mattered, but the spiritual collection of all the ideas and thoughts combined with the relaxed mood.

This would be a great session for me. possibly a combination of the Cannabinoid effect I-Doser created, some of characteristics of the Ayahuasca session, and a spiritual uplift to tie it all together. Sound too difficult? Any session length is perfect with me; if it comes close, I will buy it.
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