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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:12 am
by nudelus
I would totally love to see this dose. I have only tried 4-fa once but it was definetly one of the most amazing stimulants out there. It feels somewhat like really good speed, with a note of cocaine and the body buzz of mdma but still totally different, really something you can`t explain to well. The effect duration is between 4-8 hours and for most people it doesent have a crash lilke mdma when coming down. Another interesting thing is that this drug gives different effects when you sniff or bomb it. If you sniff it gives you the most clear feeling on your mind i have ever expirienced (a little bit like the nzt dose) and a strong stimulation and body buzz. Bombed it will still give you that feeling on your mind but with much stronger body buzz. It makes you a little bit more relaxed and the euphoria is much higher. Both feelings are amazing, so maybe you could do 2 doses?