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Postby Diia » Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:58 pm

Aside from the 20+ you get upon purchase, is there any way to purchase multiple mobile doses in a single purchase?

I don't mean like packs like you can get for the PC (although, that would be really nice as well), but literally being able to pick which doses you want - - ALL of the doses you want - - and then purchasing them together in a single transaction. I use a prepaid debit card for digital purchases (for my own protection). The prepaid debit card charges a $1 fee per transaction, which in general is not really a big deal - except there are dozens of doses I would like from the mobile app, and I am not willing to spend an extra $25-$50 in fees buying them 1 at a time.

A way around this would be quite nice, please :)
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