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Playing music tracks over .drg files

PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:23 pm
by starcrazyangel
Hi there

This is may first post so, first of all.. Hi! :D

I've been using iDoser for almost 2 years now as the Android mobile app, but only just the other day did I install the Windows premium version, and I'm delighted with it! :P

Of course, you all know that with this, you don't get the ambient background tracks with it that you do with the mobile app and I was wondering if I could play my own tracks (say, from my hard drive or online streaming sources) underneath the .drg track without ruining it.

Will it affect the quality of the beats and thus altering or prohibiting my expereience?

Almost all of the time and, especially if I use Condition before I dose, I have amazing experiences with both versions of iDoser. It would be cool to add some chilled music underneath Content or CalmMe, for example. Not a thing I'm particularly bothered if not, I would rather go without if it changes things, but just wanted to know if it's possible.

I just cannot use the mp3s included with iDoser. I find the loop in the track too hard to ignore, which puts me off completely.

I'm going to be a nuisance and post this to the admin threads too!

Re: Playing music tracks over .drg files

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:28 pm
by SpaceMiNd
Hello! Welcome to the forum Starcrazyangel! Anyways, yes, it is possible to play music over your .drg files, in fact, if you have the premium v5 of I-Doser, you should have the option to play music tracks paired with your .drg files!
Happy Dosing - SpaceMiNd