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are the hallucinegens scary?

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Postby xcadaverx666 » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:52 pm

I could think of a couple LSA (similar to LSD, however legal) and, Salvia (wonderful, but short)

I have yet to try LSA or LSD, and I'm in no rush. YOu need a sitter for LSD/LSA, AND Salvia. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

coming from someone whose done a lot of hallucinogens, you really should LISTEN TO HIM. the first time i tripped on lsd i broke away from my friends only an hour into the trip and went home alone. BAD IDEA. I like to consider myself a pretty strong person but you have no idea whats it like when you involve psychoactive substances, shit fucks with you, and a lot of the time its hard to tell reality from non reality. Best advice to do it with a close and/or close friends but keep the group small, you want a group of people you are really comfortable with around you to calm you down in case anything goes wrong, but another important thing you should always do is plan ahead for the set and setting, because that is really what makes the trip what it is. other than that, just be happy when you take a dose of psychoactive substance, because all it takes is one bad day, and one hit of lsd to fuck u over.
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