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Hi, first time user.

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Hi, first time user.

Postby mariusicaaa » Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:41 am

Hi there.

I just find out this player I-Doser, and i'm really curious about it. I didn't listened any of these free doses till the end, but i want to ask all of u, if this thing really works.

I've got the free opium dose, and i'm gonna use it. I really hope that it will work. I'm smokin' marjiuana every day, and i'm gonna buy the marijuana dose to see the difference.

So, all of u that tried this thing before, can u tell me if it works? Or is just a bullshit?

Someone tell me pls wich one of these doses is the best? I want something really powerful, with a good effect. LSD, Cocaine, anything. I want to feel this doses.

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Level 0 (<10)
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Postby stevieg » Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:00 am

im having a bit of a hard time getting it to work TBH. the only one that i got to work was my first timer (orgasmQH) but have not had any luck since :-(
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Level 0 (<10)
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We lead the industry as a safe and effective method to achieve a simulated experience through the use of binaural audio doses. We originated the concept of digital dosing and have refined the experience. Our products are used by millions of people worldwide.