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PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:17 pm
by deathjdstn
I finally got some success with a couple doses. Overdose was very strange. It eventually made me numb all over and kept feeling pins and needles poking me. I felt very detached.

I have both the mp3 version and the doser version. The mp3 made me start to feel that way but, it ended before it went on. The doser version was a totally long experience. At one point I could not move even I wanted to. During the whole time felt fear and anxiety.

I also this morning tried the mp3 version of Amanita, now that was a fun dose. I need to get the longer version. I felt a huge body high and kept getting flashes of light that would not go away that started to turn into shapes. It ended before the shapes turned into anything more.

When I was done I kept getting black shapes that kept appearing and disappearing for a few mins and this is after I opened my eyes. For awhile I could not get these to work.

I was starting to think these doses was just not going to work. I kept practicing my breathing and concentration methods. I also kept reading different advice on the forums and boom and some really strong success, more then I even hoped.

One thing I learned is leave all expectations out the door.