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My first trip (long post)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:26 pm
by Beerbeerbeer
Sorry if my english is not perfect.

I was with some friends, during a calm night. We were 5 friends with 1onz of shrooms. We each started with one gram. After an hour of waiting and talking, it did nothing. We went into the car to smoke weed and ride. In the car, we ate another gram. Then, my friend's girlfriend, put 0.5 gram in my hand and told me:

-Man, I dare you to eat all of these in one bite!

After a few minutes of hesitating, I said:

- I love you my friends! Goodbye! *eat the whole 0.5* Imaginary world, here I come!

Then we continued to ride. I started to feel wierd after 15 minutes. My head was completely disconnected from my body, and I was very smooth. I was physicaly feeling nothing, not even my hand or my legs. I was smiling, my eyes wide open.

- Guys, it's official, I don't exist anymore!

We parked in a cheap store's parking lot. There was a factory not far away. The fun began...

Holy crap!! I just can't believe it! I was tripping like shit! :eek: I was looking at the smoke from the factory, and I was in a totally different world. I was in a temple, deep in a jungle. I saw horses, unicorns, rhinos, and lots of animal passing slowly beside me. It was so beautiful. I was talking to myself:

- Ahhh maaaan! I don't exist.. nothing exist... nothing is real in this cruel world.. why should we fight each other? Why all the violence? Why be sad or angry? Nothing is real!...

- (my friend who also, was tripping like hell) Hahaha! man! You understood how to have a wonderful trip! C'mon talk to us!

- How do you want me to talk to all of you if I DON'T EXIST??

I was happy! :)

Then we came back to our house (I know, it's dangerous, but the driver wasn't very high). My trip went downhill...

Another friend, started to have an allergic reaction to the shrooms. His lips inflated a lot. He told us he was afraid to die, he wanted us to call an ambulance or to drive him at the hospital. I was afraid. My heart was beating at an abnormal speed. Every hallucination or deformation I was seeing became very annoying and unpleasant. I wanted it all to stop. My friend went to sleep and told us to do the same and drive him at the hospital in the morning if he was dead. Another friend who knows him well told me that shit like this happens to this guy everytime he does a drug and he's always exagerating and freaking out. For the last hour of my trip, I was paranoying. Even when the effects were over, I was still paranoying ("What if my friend dies? And if he doesn't die, what if my family learns that I did shrooms?). Then I went to sleep, it was all over the next morning: I was very calm and happy of my trip, and my friend was alive and in good shape.

It was a fascinating experience, but I don't think I'll try again, because I recently learned that we have some schizophrenia history in my family.

Anyway, I'm happy to share this with you! :)