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DXM (Shitty Experience)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:06 am
by Karapar12
My DXM Experience (1st Timer)

Okay, I started drinking my Benalet TSC bottle (120ml-360mg of DXM) AWARE of the sorbitol side-effects, but since it was my first high, I decided to take a shot. I drank it, and it tasted like shit, making me nauseous, but not that nauseous. I started playing my guitar until the effects came, but unfortunately my dad got home, and I got worried. I started getting dizzy while playing my guitar, but it was a pleasuerous dizziness, so I continued. But the dizziness started getting worse, and I coudln't afford to be high near my dad, so I went to my room sleep. My dad asked me what was wrong, but I said I was just dizzy, and I grabbed my cellphone and started hearing music. The songs passed quickly, as time itself, and the conversations seemed like hallucinations (they passed really quickly). I guess this is the "mental confusion", but when I was laid down, me head seemed like it was melting on the pillow (not an intense hallucination), and I started seeing (with my eyes closed a caleidoscope-like figure (it was white with brilliant holes in it). My mom started getting suspicious, and my pupils were 2 times bigger than usual (I have myopia, so I was kind of normal), but in the end it was okay. I stayed 8 hours in bed, and 10 hours dizzy, and in the 5-6 hours, I went to the bathroom take a shit (it wasn't a diarrhea, but I shit water.) and after that, I vomited some crimson-type vomit (It looked like jelly- and I took some strawberry juice after I drank the whole Benalet TSC bottle.). But It wasn't an intense moment, It kind of felt pleasureous. I later watched some movies and went to bed. No hangovers. No afterglows. I plan on using more DXM, this time, with cough gels and no syrup. (In Brazil I only know Benalet TSC as a DXM-containing product, maybe when I go to the US I'll get some Robitussin.)