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Bennies (Dipthehydramine)

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Bennies (Dipthehydramine)

Postby Malachilucky » Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:23 am

Well first off let me just say that I am a recovering addict, and I want to sincerely thank I-Doser because they have majorly helped with my addiction. its not as good as the real thing but close enough to keep me off dope which is saying something. Now Ive done every drug you can think off, you name it I've done it! I'm going to share my Benadryl experience. I always did my research before going any drug I learned everything I possibly could, when doing research I found that a lot of people did not Benadryl. my opinion. It is the bomb!!! The minimum to get real effects is 200mg ive seen stories as high as 1,000mg. I'm sharing my second experience I took 325mg at first and if you want to hallucinate hardcore at least do 300mg. I took 300mg and about 20 minutes later I stood up and I felt as if the ground shifted, things were different... I started to hear noises that weren't there and walked around trying to find it ( I never did I awe tripping pretty bad) then the walls caved in, man this was crazy and it I look at the ground there would be orange, purple and white stripes that moved like a giant was walking around marking the ground with markers. then I decided I wanted to trip harder so I took 125 more mg lol. Once that kicked in I awe seeing these weird white bugs that I tried to get off me that and micro sleep is my only negative side effects. oh and the craziest thing is when you sit down and you Will see in your head a conversation with real people the then all of a sudden you realize that its just you and in my case your sleeping friends. Ask me dosers for experiences on any drug ill tell you mine.
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