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Postby UltimaWarrior » Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:12 pm

Nitrous Trip Report
This is the best dose ever in my opinion! Well, I started off closing my blinds; puffing up my pillow and duvet making it soft; shutting off all audio distractions; covering the little frosted window above my door and turning the landing light off.
I was all set for another dose, now i hadnt thought of what dose to do this time cos my money is limited so i said, "let's try good old Nitrous" (not outloud obviously), so i pulled out my phone and plugged the earphones in, put it on "busy" mode (so it wouldnt ring halfway through the dose) and turned on the mp3 player.
I layed on my bed closed my eyes leaving them half open (good tip if you want an OBE). I concentrated hard, counting backwards from 842 (random 3-digit number helps aswell to make any effect work). I got to about 124 (i cant remember cos i was concentrating more on the slow drone of the beats), I began to notice a crisp packet floating infron of my face.
It made me jump cos this is the first time I'd properly tripped on this (except the Sphynx Head but thats a different story), then it went all warm and jolly and i felt numb.
My stomach kept lurching as if it wanted to get into a fit of laughter allthough i stopped it because my mum was downstairs. Then this wierd crisp packet tipped upside down and the crisps fell on my face.
It was wierd cos i couldnt feel them hitting it but i could smell them and taste them in my mouth! Next thing i knew i was staring at myself with crisps all over my face!! I stopped the temptation to laugh, then i felt like a drunken spirit, I had just risen from my body because of some unknown reason and i could float about aimlessly.
I flew out of my window (it wasnt open, dont ask) and i followed this red car up the road to Woodbridge. It seemed the further away from my physical body, the more distorted the place seemed.
I then fell onto the pavement and felt physical pain. This alarmed me cos i could feel everything around me and smell the musty air but it looked all distorted and i could fly?!
I tried to walk in spiritual form but i was like drunk, and all the passers-by whom, now i realise, i never saw there face, looked at me. I walked up to one and asked them, "is this real?". He didnt have any facial features and this didnt seem to scare me, he talked with my step-dad's voice: "It is all in your head", I wasn't very alarmed at this and wondered whether it was a dream, then i felt a piercing pain in my left and i fell onto it and blinked.
My room materialised infront of me and i noticed i had fell off my bed, crazy was all i could think of. I was on about 98% of the dose anyway so i shut it off.
It took alot to stand up properly, and i couldnt take it any longer so i fell over in fits of laughter which lasted untill i started coughing!!
Has anyone EVER had this much effect from Nitrous?
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Fictional Powerhouses

Postby ethan1134 » Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:03 pm

Nice, but this is for trips off of REAL drugs, go to the dose experiences for your experience.
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Postby UltimaWarrior » Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:46 pm

ethan1134 wrote:Nice, but this is for trips off of REAL drugs, go to the dose experiences for your experience.

I've also posted this in my experience diary also :-)
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Postby nuceria » Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:19 am

for those of us in America, crisps are chips. interesting story though.
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