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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:26 am
by OverDozeMKII
Ness wrote:Alright, I'll just have to cover this more thoroughly since you want to shout and yell. First of all, everything is personal preference. There are MANY people who like any number of drugs but don't like weed. Liking weed is in no way, shape, or form a prerequisite for liking other drugs. Saying so is just silly. Second, LSD is by far the most gentle and forgiving psychedelic readily available on the street. The only other psychedelic really available to most people is mushrooms. Mushrooms are much more forceful at lower doses. Mushrooms are very brute-force. They tend to shatter your ego in a much more forceful way than LSD. Mushrooms are also more confusing than LSD. LSD is very intricate. Very controllable compared to mushrooms. Have you ever even experienced either? If not LSD, what classic psychedelic would YOU recommend to someone? You have got to start somewhere. It isn't like LSD is some big huge powerful thing. Well, it is, obviously, but not any more so than any other easily accessible psychedelics. I'm not really including psychedelic phenthylamines in this analysis as most people don't have access to them.

look man ive tried acid and shrooms [and mescaline and DMT and 2 c-b]
and i know just what they like..

BUT it dossent matter LSD is way to powerfull from someone that hasent tried anything before

and for first time drug experience i would suggest weed.. coz its the safest out there by far
i could allso suggest dxm but it isent for every one and a novice can easly OD on it

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:49 pm
by Ness
^You failed to address the issue. I was talking about classic psychedelics. While pot does have psychedelic properties, it is NOT a classic serotonergic psychedelic. Nor is DXM. If LSD is "too powerful" for a first time psychedelic experience, what other classic serotonergic psychedelic that people commonly have access to (this excludes the 2c family for most people) would you consider a better starting point? I can't think of one. Perhaps low-dose smoked DMT could be a better option since it is euphoric, highly visual, and very short acting. But DMT takes some doing to obtain. And don't start yelling at me about suggesting DMT for a first time, I specifically said low-dose, meaning sub-breakthrough.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:55 pm
by blackplague
pot psychedelic properties?
I thought it was just me... I was starring at a light on this fan and i noticed a whole range of colors on the ceiling. It was very faint... I could see them though. Was it the pot? or just me?
sorry.. not to get off topic.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:58 pm
by Ness
Yeah, pot can be very psychedelic for some people. Usually after experiencing a "true" psychedelic such as LSD or mushrooms, you notice the psychedelic properties a lot more. I've gotten strong CEVs (closed eye visuals) and mild to moderate OEVs (open eye visuals) from pot. Pot can also be very introspective.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:00 pm
by rabbithands
But LSD trips can last a long time, and can be uncomfortable. I would recommend shrooms (wow big surprise lol), because I only smoked pot three times before and had never experienced psychedelics at all at the time i tripped, and it was the most amazing experience ever. I would suggest a half eighth, as that is what i took, and the trip lasted a good 4-5 hours - not too long, not too short, just right.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:02 pm
by blackplague
Hell, I thought It was just me when I had CEV's...
I mixed it with a few things once and thought there was a red light as a traffic light in front of me.. I was in the passenger side of a friends truck... I thought oh shit!! he's going to run a red light.
It was just a car in front of us though.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:04 pm
by Ness
Like I said, despite mushroom's shorter duration, they're much more forceful and more alien than LSD. IMO, mushrooms have more of a potential to wreak havoc than LSD, despite their shorter duration. You only trip hard on LSD for 5-8 hours anyway. Once you're past the peak, things get pretty chill pretty fast. You're still tripping, yeah, but you're not really going to be freaking out. Mushrooms just tend to be less recreational than LSD and more serious. Mushrooms can be like an all out assault on your ego and that can be overwhelming for a first timer.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:55 pm
by rabbithands
yes, but splitting of the ego and other such things occur with like a level 3 trip, a half eighth would probably only give a level 2 trip.

And my trip wasn't serious at all, it was VERY chill.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:02 pm
by Ness
Mushrooms for a first psychedelic experience is totally chill, I'm not saying it isn't. I'm just saying that given the choice, LSD would probably be a more gentle introduction to psychedelics than mushrooms. People think LSD is many times more "hardcore" than mushrooms, but this isn't the case, its just a perception caused by the huge amount of anti-LSD propaganda and the more or less non existent anti-mushroom propaganda. People also have the false perception that because mushrooms grow from the earth, they're somehow more wholesome than LSD or that because LSD is synthesized by humans instead of plants, it is somehow worse for you. People just have a skewed view of LSD in general and it really is a very gentle psychedelic compared to mushrooms. Mushrooms really tend to attack the ego, while LSD seems to soften more than dissolve it at low-moderate doses. The mushroom is totally alright for a first psychedelic experience.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:25 pm
by rabbithands
does that mean i win? :D

hahaha, yeah, i see what you mean.... I think.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:35 pm
by Ness
Eh, I'm just a little combative -_- I try and cut it out when I notice I'm doing it. Both are fine, I'd just personally give LSD to a first timer over mushrooms. That's all I'm sayin'.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:16 pm
by nitroglyceridimethyltrypt
Even if by some miracle you actually trip off this nutmeg, you won't really have tripped. You're not gonna have had an exprience similar to acid or shrooms because you didn't. This is probably a much much much much much much more dangerous decision than smoking weed. My report card this year came in and I got a 3.5, I've done drugs you've never heard of, smoked weed everyday this year, did virtually no homework. I've got a lot of potential too and I've also decided at a young age that my potential is something I wish to harness to help others rather than dedicate my life to collecting things and die without any scars leaving a giant sprawling estate to scar this beautiful earth that isn't ours. Don't act like grinding up a bunch of spice because it did something for some kid on erowid is a better decision than smoking a joint. Please don't do this you're going to regret it. But if your immense "potential" is something you don't want risk with a "drug," mind you that nutmeg is as much a drug as meth and if you're mind is that closed that you allow common perception to decide what's right and wrong for you an intense psychedelic experience might be just humbling enough to teach you something.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:15 am
by rockitorknockit
I know I'm a little late to the party but I just wanted to say that the idea that LSD is "WAY TOO POWERFUL" for someone who has never done psychedelics is... well, stupid.

I HATE weed. I truly do.

And for my first true psychedelic experience I did SEVEN HITS of LCD. It was mind blowing and I do not regret it at all.

Although I would not necessarily recommend doing SEVEN HITS for all first-timers, I DO recommend LCD in general.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:27 pm
by tranaonu
well..i have tried times..and u know what?.. i fucking hate it :D..its really sick...48 hs ..its...toooo freakin much....and btw...its werry bad for organs too...

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:29 am
by subway
alright this is rediculous. Ive done mushrooms and LSD. multiple times. It all depends on setting, time, your health, anxiety, and the amount taken.

Ive had the best trips ever with lsd,and ive had the worst trips imaginable.

Ness is correct in saying that LSD is slightly more gentle for a beginner. Your going to experience it either way. there is no introduction drug. All of these are different in some way, and after doing many different hallucinogens, i think canabis is my favorite. It is unique beyond belief.

Nutmeg, is a HORRIBLE idea. you will feel like shit, throw up, diahhria, and have the worst pains.

Not fun. The immune system doesnt liek nutmeg, and it can be damaging to it. You will trip off of larger doses but it wont be fun. If it is, good for you, but its not worth it.

Go big or go home. Baby steps are lame. Get it overwith. You will either like tripping or hate it. I find that the more the artistic the person is, the more they like it.

People that are born to be in accounting will experience, or remember, or even notice less than someone who identifies themselves as an artist, or inspired persons.