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Soul Trip

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Soul Trip

Postby umbertocesaro » Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:35 pm

its a really weird spiritual trip

in yahoo answers it said to pop 8 the first time so i poped 20. since ive poped
alot of pills before i sayd hell wat can happen.
i take the 20 then we go out with a couple of friends one of them poped some too. after i would say 30 to 40 minutes i started feeling a little weird an hour passed and i got really overconfident so i decide to buy a gram of herb by the time the herb gets to me another 20 minutes had passed. my friend rolled a blunt so by this time every time i would sit i would feel like im fallin
out of my body. i still had overconfidence so i sayd i get to light it i took
like 5 hits and i was done. i felt great so i decide to sit down and meditate
as soon as i close my eyes the falling effect comes and i dont know if i was dreaming but i woke up inside my room and started to walk around i heard my name being called so i looked around the room and nobody was there
i felt a hand shake my head and i woke up but my body hurt like hell for a moment. all my body was numb so i try to get up and i couldnt feel my legs so my friend had help me up after that i was fine.

i went back to my friends house and i layed down all off a suden i close my eyes and boom im infront of a lake in the middle of i dont know were
the whole night i was having this sick experience. this was untill i automatically got transported to this wierd place this guy he had a
v for vendetta mask kinda looked like it really wierd armor and he had a camera he took like 5 pictures of me and each picture had something really fucked up in it

1st had a little girl laying dead in the street
2nd a mother carrying her dead child in like a war

this is the part were i automatically woke up and my body hurt like hell again for a moment and then i got numb some really wierd spiritual shit.

or was i just triping my soul off?
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