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Legal "Fake Weed" called K2

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Legal "Fake Weed" called K2

Postby gr1ff1n787 » Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:48 pm

Alright, so yesterday a friend of mine was telling me about this legal "Fake Weed" called K2, and I was pretty interested in it. So I got him to pick me up a gram and a half of this stuff:


So I was kind of surprised when I got it. He bought me the "Summit" K2. It just looked like loose herbal tea, but it smelled niiiiceee. It was labeled as an incense and said NAWT FOR CONSUMTION.

Now I finally got to smoking it, I packed it in my chillum which was a pain in the ass to do. It wasn't sticky at all and since there were so many different herbs and spices in it it didn't pack well.
But anyway, I got down to it once I had the packing down.

It tasted amazing and was really smooth, eventually I felt a high. It was really to a cannabis high except it got me a lot more confused and made me less function-able. I did have some cool visuals though, sort of if you stare at a light for a really long time, then look away and get that black spot. It was like that times 102819412.

Overall it was a nice experience, the only thing that turned me off about this "K2" was the fact that I don't know exactly what I'm smoking and if some of these herbs that I'm inhaling aren't good for me. Oh, and my heart started racing about half way through the trip and it got me kind of scared

Has anyone else tried this K2? I hear its laced with JWH-018.
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Re: Legal "Fake Weed" called K2

Postby bitchlover96 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:50 pm

I wouldn't smoke it anymore! That shit is laced with a designer cannabinoid that the people who make it get from fertilizer! Just take the risk smoking weed, it's a lot less dangerous then K2 or Spice or any herbal incense blend. People have OD'd on that shit, I wouldn't take the risk, just I-Dose.
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