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Cannibis + School = Badddd

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Cannibis + School = Badddd

Postby UltimaWarrior » Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:14 pm

Ok, so yesterday I smoked some weed at school and I had a pretty bad time. It started like this. My friend Brandon had purchased an eighth for about £15 which is a really good deal where I live (an eighth is usually £20 to £25 here). Anyway, so I went with him onto the school field. We met Sarah on the way (she had tobacco and rizla) and Manny. So we sat down in a part of the field where the teachers won't walk past in our little group, my friend Carl also joined us (so that makes 5 of us).

Manny did the rolling. He rolled 3 single skins and 1 L-joint, 2 singles for Brandon, 1 single for me and the L was for Manny and Carl to share. Sarah didn't have any at this point. We had used up about a gram of the eighth. So we all smoked our stuff, Brandon being a lightweight was already feeling the ground move. We moved further up the field before I finished mine, and by then I was pretty high but not much more than a buzz. Carl walked off down the field so it was just four of us.

Then Brandon had the clever idea of packing the rest of his eighth into another L. Manny was bricking it because Brandon would have whitey'd if he'd smoked that on her own, so instead I had the idea that we shared it, Sarah included. We also had barely any bacci left, about two hard pinchs, so there was more weed than tobacco in the joint.

Sparked up and passed it round. I hadn't smoked in about a month and trying that was like hot sand hitting my throat. But as soon as I exhaled it felt like I was on a boat, it really hit me hard. After we'd finished, Manny stumbled off, pretty baked. Brandon almost whitey'd twice. I was enjoying myself, and Sarah was buzzing.

Anyway, end of lunch break and I go back to registration then into next lesson. About quarter of an hour into next lesson, I felt horrible. I felt like my brain couldn't concentrate on one thought at a time, I couldn't do hardly any of the work and I can't remember what I even wrote. I almost fell asleep several times, and time was going too slow. I was bored, tired, and not having a good time. Although, I did have a couple of closed eyed visuals which were pretty cool, but they were mostly vivid daydreams than real hallucinations.

I just wanted the lesson to end. Time went at a snail's pace yet my brain was processing information at 200 mph. I couldn't open my eyes properly, they kept closing and I started feeling hot and claustrophobic. Near the end of the lesson we had a test, and surprisingly I found it pretty easy even though I had to search through unnecessary thoughts to get the answers. One minute I can't remember something, then it comes to me but when I write it down and look back, I think to myself, how did I know it? I can't remember that!

When the lesson ended I was coming down quite quickly so life was normal again, and I welcomed the linear thought patterns. Never again will I get high at school, at least, not that high.
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Re: Cannibis + School = Badddd

Postby _Benny_MeXXcaline_ » Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:36 am

I smoke every day before school :D last day I collapsed during the lesson :D and when me and my friends are high we make a lot of noise during the lesson one time I remember that we took a desk and my friends brought me around the school on the desk ahahahah :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Level 4 (50-199)
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Re: Cannibis + School = Badddd

Postby Dravensith » Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:10 am

Yes, smoking before/during school can be intense. Theres always the feeling that someone knows or someone is watching you. But, all i have to say is you can be stoned, Just don't carry it on you and they can't do anything about it.
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