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This got to be a Lucid Dream

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This got to be a Lucid Dream

Postby NutZilla » Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:55 am

I'm very interested on Lucid Dream and I've been trying to have one since I read about it. One of the method that I read about LD is to have LD first you have to practice to remember your dreams and take notes about your dreams. And so I did. I try to remember all my dreams, and I immediately take notes when I wake up. I did it for about a month and then I quit because its boring and no progress. But even I've quit taking notes, I already got use to remembering my dreams. So every morning when I woke up I can remember my dreams to the details. But the strange thing is, no matter how clear that I can remember my dreams in the morning, if I didn't take notes about it, I will completely forgot it later. Strange.

And then day by day my dreams become more and more clear. I mean I feel aware when I was dreaming, I know I was dreaming. But still I have no control of the environment of my dreams and no control of what to do or where to go. So I just follow the flow of my dreams but I am aware that I was dreaming. I guess thats not a LD because you are supposed to have full control in your LD.

Yesterday as I was napping my baby daughter, I fall asleep. And then I got this dream, and like usual I am aware. In my dream I was in an outdoor basket ball court. There are two groups of people in the court, one group playing basket ball and the other playing soccer. And then one of my old friend show up, and she is walking with a guy across the basket ball court. And then they enter a building beside the court. After a while I decided to follow my friend, because I want to talk to her. As I open the building's door, suddenly my dream disappear. I remember that I really want to meet my friend so I scream "I want my view back!". And then I remember I was focusing on the feel of the building's door (I'm still holding the door and I can feel the texture of it). Then suddenly, BOOMMM!!!!

Not only my dream is back, I got this view that's clear as summer day. I was fully awake like I've never felt before. And the amazing thing is, I HAVE FULL CONTROL OF WHAT TO DO! I become not just following the flow, I can decide the flow of my dream. The strange thing is its feel like I was viewing from a snorkel goggle. Then since I got full control of my dream, I decided to walk back towards outside. And then I was standing in a motorcycle parking lot. I still not sure that I can control my dream so I give it a test. I choose one the motorcycle and then I touch it and I can feel the touch is so real. Everything is so real. Then I walked pass the parking lot and I was standing on a street. Suddenly my view become a little blur, like you are wearing a snorkel goggle and it becomes fogging. Its like I'm loosing my dream, so I scream once again "I want my view back!" and the fog disappear. Then I decided to visit my old campus (I miss my college days) and the street suddenly become the entrance of my old campus. And then I walked along the street towards my campus. Sadly my dream ends there as I become over excited and I woke up.

The funny thing is, my wife always told me that I snore while sleeping, I always deny that (because I hate when people snores). All along my so called LD, I got this feeling that I am inside my skeleton. And I can hear my snoring loud and clear! I can even feel the vibration of my sinus's wall! It's so real. And when I woke up I said to my wife "Honey, you're right, I snore like a pig".

It was a great experience, and I am really looking forward for the next one. And I will try not to get over excited next time.
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Postby Gunnar Gul » Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:23 pm

That sounds nice.

I tryed to write down my dreams for a while too, but it was too boring so I quitedt it. After I quitted it, I stopped remembering my dreams, and now I rarely remember them at all.
You make me want to start again! :)

I will try to wake up a little more early from now on, so that I got time to write it all down. One of the reasons that I quitted writting it down was because I used like 10-15 minutes and I wrote like 5-6 pages every morning.
Gunnar Gul
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