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lucid dose/dream question - experienced lucid dreamers only

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lucid dose/dream question - experienced lucid dreamers only

Postby kingdevon » Mon May 18, 2009 7:55 pm

i've been trying to have lucid dreams for the past week and i've applied many of the techniques in my life already...

the only problem is i never remember my dreams, or rarely... but im still trying. anyways... for the first time last night i downloaded the Lucid Dream dose and listened too it twice before bed last night, which is weird because i have horrible ADHD, and it took a miracle for me to just lay there listening too it for like a hour, so it must of had some effect..

after like 30 mins i was getting tired and was feeling a little dreamy, and as i said before i never remember dreams, but then all of a sudden while listening to the dose wtih my eyes closed i was all tired i saw my mom picking vegetables in the garden, it was only for like 3 seconds, but it was in real detail... i could see the expression on her face, and about 15 mins later i saw my dog and she was in really good detail too, and i try to imagine stuff when i sleep in my head, but it was NEVER in such good detail. but then about 30 mins later i fell asleep... i never remember my dreams so does this mean im getting better at it? and has anyone had similiar experiences. any tips on remember dreams besdies waking myself up and writing it down, ima do that tonight
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