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how to get out of trance

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how to get out of trance

Postby discy » Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:16 pm


Last night my girlfriend got into trance using Peyote and couldn't move her arms. She asked me to get the headphones out of her ears because she couldn't.

This made me a little scary about using I-Doser.

What if I wasn't there. How could she get out of the state where she can not move her arms? The dose still went on for about 18 minutes. That's quite long if you want to stop but can not move.

And what if she also could not talk :? . How to snap out of it?

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Re: how to get out of trance

Postby cameraboirzu » Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:10 pm

Hello Discy,

Sounds like your friend was not in a trance, but she was either entering sleep paralysis or shse was faking. Sleep paralysis isn't common, and isn't scary, if you can keep your thoughts in the right place, and not make things scary for you. If you think of scary thoughts, they will appear and haunt you, but if you can keep your thoughts in the right spot (which is surprisingly easy) you will be alright.

Sleep paralysis occurs when you are entering REM sleep, but remain concsious. Surprisingly, our bodies go through it each time we sleep, but we don't realize it because our concsciousness is sleeping.

People who experience sleep paralysis often may also be suffering from narcolepsy. This is not the case, because obviously she has never felt this before, and you were also setting yourself up for it. This does not mean that your friend will get this each time you dose. She was tired, and remaining concscious while her body was trying to sleep.

You assumed that this was a trance; let me explain why you are incorrect:

Trances are states of consciousness, when you are more aware of yourself and everything around you because of an increased conscious.
Many people beleive that when they go into a trance they shouldn't know where they are and that there body will create thoughts for them. However, your body is hyper suggestive and you recieve increased thought power, this leads to you being able to have "wake dreams" and having an influence on CEVs.

States of trance are quite easy to leave, depending on how far you are. If you cannot move your arms quite by yourself, you can move your toes and nose, and eventually you will get more power in moving your body. Most cases you will be able to move without much struggle, as soon as the dose ends. I have never started talking while in a state of trance, but I assume its possible.

The above is what I have learned through my meditation and use with I-Doser and related products. The information I got on sleep paralysis was taken from Wikipedia. I am not claiming to have even experienced a wake dream, however I have tranced many times.

Its quite possible your friend was faking too. But don't call her out on it.
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