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Many questions about immunes and doses.

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Many questions about immunes and doses.

Postby Tomish25 » Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:37 pm

So I have many questions and I hope that Admin will look at them too.

1) So first one: First time about I-doser I heard when I was 15years old. Then I downloaded it from torrents and used to listen, I remember that few first weeks I was scarried to listen it when my body started to tanquil (going into trance) so all the time I threw my headphones away. Then with time I became more confident and tanquil phase a lot weaker.. I dont know why but with each next time it was harder to get any effects from i-doser and then 2months later 1of10 times when I listened it it was working only. So I deleted this software.
Now I somehow remembered about this, Im now 18years old and downloaded free i-doser + bought 12doses from store, I'm now testing but I cant even enter tanquil phase, always I feel that my body is heavy and it becomes unsensetive, but no trance and no floating. When I was scarried it happened all the time.
So maybe somebody can explain why it is happening. Maybe something with my brains, because now I'm mature thinking, I understand math, chemistry and physics very good and I have good logical thinking and high IQ, but my brains works slower than other people, because I always do tests much longer time than others, but my results are better.

2) Has ever I-doser researched why some people dont get any effects from their doses? And if then can you tell me why?

3)There is a way how to train your brains to adapt with sounds?

4)Which are the best doses to enter tanquil state? Or any doses which has bigger posibillity that these will work?

5) The best way how to enter tanquil state from you own experiance?

Thank you.
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