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Postby Cpt1Eye » Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:03 pm

Ayahuasca is a drink made from the roots of a few different plants in the Amazon, and has been used in shamanic ceremonies there for a couple thousand years for healing and consciousness expansion. A few weeks ago, I went to an ayahuasca retreat in the mountains of Peru, and underwent seven ceremonies.

My first one was more intense than taking a bomb to the face. (And I'd know...been there, done that, too.) Ayahuasca heals and purifies you, and her method of doing so is like surgery on your soul, except without any anesthetic. It is a plant, and a spirit, and this unity is one of the first things you realize when undergoing this process: the mundane and material are not separate from the spiritual and energetic; they are one and the same.

An example of this is the fact that I drank a full cup, but spewed it within two minutes. On a biochemical level, that shouldn't have been enough absorption time to feel effects. However, I went on an eight-ish hour journey in the real-time space of three hours.

On one level, the medicine is drawing out toxins from your body into your GI tract for you to purge, (It comes out one end or the other) and you realize that this isn't just the drink and stomach acid coming up, and it's not food, since you have to fast for several hours beforehand. This is shit that's been pulled from within your body, through the semi-permeable membrane of your stomach and intestinal lining, then ejected out.

On another level, ayahuasca is pulling out the negative energies (fear, anger, doubt, ego) that cling to these toxins. This isn't a very pleasant feeling, either.

These two parts deal with the purification and healing aspects. Now we move on to the psychedelic. Ayahuasca is a spirit within the medicine, usually characterized as an Amazonian woman or snake. Once she's done a good bit if purifying and healing, she then moves on to teaching. This is when I had visions and my consciousness was expanded.

The active psychedelic in ayahuasca is DMT, for which you can find an i-dose. Following the seven ceremonies, I got a chance to smoke DMT itself, which is a whole other experience altogether, and I'll probably post something on it in the 'Visionary Chemicals" section of the forum.

I will mention one thing about DMT, though. Scientists were bewildered about this molecule for years, because it is present in EVERYTHING natural. It's in plants, the earth, animals, and in our own brains. It's put out in our bodies by the pineal gland, and is theorized to play a role in dreams, near-death experiences, and higher consciousness. Monks in Tibet can raise their DMT levels on their own by spending 40 years in a cave, meditating. So, if you wanna experience the universe oneness, you can spend 40 years in a cave...or you can smoke it. What does all this DMT stuff have to do in summation? It's tangible evidence that everything is connected, that the perception of duality is just our own projection on reality.
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